There are four ways to process payment and shipment of balance:

The first way: a deposit in one of our accounts in banks following, and send the bank receipt to our email,
to be shipped as soon as we check the balance of the deposit, which does not take longer than 4 hours.

Our account at Ahli United Bank

Name: Your System
Account Number: 0006-123319-060

Our account at Bahrain Islamic Bank:

Name: Mr. S.Hussain Isa
Account No. 200000686143

Our account in Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait

Name: Mr. S.Hussain Isa
Account number: 200000137814

The second way: come in person to our shop in Sanabis, contact us +973 33880178 or +973 39661719

The third way: Online payment using credit card, Visa Card or Master Card or Benefit (ATM Debit Card).

The fourth way: to those who are outside of Bahrain, you can send money through Western Union, details of the conversion are as follows:

Sent to: Mr. S.Hussain Isa

State: Bahrain
City: Manama
Phone Number: +973 39661719

after the transfer process you are sending money order number and the name of the sender and the sender's phone number on our